In urban life, everyone needs to know about the bike, scooter, and car driving.
Anyone who doesn’t know how to drive is far behind in the race for life. Driving is a skill without which life is incomplete.
From morning till night, we have to go out for major work outside the house many times, without driving skills, we have to depend on others, and a lot of money is spent on renting taxis, auto or drivers.
Depends on others in emergency time, so people who do not know how to drive should try again and again to learn to drive.

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Practice makes perfect

Two-wheeler or four-wheeler driving can be learned by 6 to 10 days of training. But it takes a lot of time for perfection in driving, it can take from 1 month to 1 year.
It depends on your practice, if you practice driving a car daily, then perfection will happen in 1 month.
But if you do a gap of even one day then it will not be possible, the practice should be continuous.
You must have seen that singers practice daily, only then do they become so perfect.
Include all this in your daily practice, using the hand-brake on the flyover, practicing reverse gear, the practice of driving a car at a very slow speed, and the practice of repeatedly stopping and moving forward.
If you have not stopped the car or bike even once, then you have learned to use the clutch and you are so close to success and you’ll be perfect driving very quickly.